Christmas Card/Gift $20 - We Wish you a Beary Christmas


Outside of card: "We Wish You a Beary Christmas" 
Inside right: "And a Happy New Year!
"You're right koalas are marsupials not bears, but try putting that into a Christmas carol!" A picture of a little possum (another marsupial) sits near this text.
Inside left: "I donated $20 to Science for Wildlife on your behalf, to help koalas after the bushfires"

Buy one of our fun native-pun Christmas cards as a gift this year. Your purchase of this cute and clever card (well, we think so) will support our work to conserve koalas and other species after the devastating bushfires in the Blue Mountains World Heritage area and beyond.

Whoever receives this card for Christmas will appreciate the real spirit of giving, a gift to those who need it most - and who could resist helping our wildlife on the long road to recovery after such a catastrophic event? We all know someone who doesn't need more "stuff" so give them a fun pun, a Christmas jingle in their head and a warm and fuzzy feeling for helping wildlife this Christmas!

Printed on heavy card stock, with white envelope supplied.

Shipping to you from Monday 7th December. Express post option available if required.

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