About Us

Science for Wildlife Inc is a not-for-profit organisation  - we aim to bring about effective wildlife co

Science for Wildlife is a registered Australian charity. We create and share knowledge, to put the science into wildlife conservation. As of 2020, we also run in and rescue koalas from approaching bushfire, we deploy water and food stations, we do whatever is needed to help wildlife survive bushfires and climate change - in a way that's evidence-based and as effective as it can be.

We also develop innovative solutions based on science and through genuine collaboration and community involvement. To do that we work together with researchers and university staff and students, land managers, community groups and volunteers. 

100% of the proceeds from all of the items in this shop go towards our wildlife conservation projects. For more information see the Science for Wildlife Website - where you can read about our team and all of our varied work including the Blue Mountains Koala Project, and a wildlife restoration project in Africa.